Rain-gauge-0.2mm resolution-Double Tippings

Rain-gauge-0.2mm resolution-Double Tippings

Model: RD-RG-D-0.2

1. Product Introduce

The tipping bucket rain sensor is a hydrological and meteorological instrument that measures rainfall in nature and converts rainfall

into digital information output in the form of a switch to meet the needs of information transmission, processing, recording and display. The core part of the instrument has a three-dimensional streamlined design, which makes the tipping bucket more smooth

and easy to clean.

2. Product Features

(1)High precision, good stability, small size and easy installation.

(2)Good linearity, long transmission distance and strong anti-interference ability.

(3)The mesh is designed at the funnel to prevent debris and other debris from blocking the downstream flow.

(4)The tipping member support system is well-made and the friction torque is small, so the tipping member is turned over sensitively, the

performance is stable, and the work is reliable.

(5)The instrument casing is made of stainless steel, which has strong rust resistance and good appearance.

(6)The rain inlet is made of stainless steel and is fully rammed. The finish is high and the error caused by water retention is small.

(7)The inside of the chassis is equipped with a horizontal adjustment bubble, which can help the bottom angle to adjust the equipment to a

good level.

(8)When the instrument is shipped from the factory, the tipping angle of the bucket has been adjusted and locked at the optimal tilting

position. When installing the instrument, you only need to install the tipping bucket and the level of the adjusting base according to the

requirements of this manual. It can be put into use, and the tipping angle adjustment screw cannot be adjusted on site.

(9) Support the LORA/LORAWAN,NB-IOT,GPRS wireless transmission.

3. Application Range

It can be used in meteorological stations (station), hydrological stations, agriculture and forestry, national defense, field surveying stations and other related departments to measure precipitation, precipitation intensity and precipitation time with the rainfall recorders independently developed by our company. It can provide raw data for flood control, water supply dispatching, and water management of power station reservoirs.

4. Specifications

ProjectTechnical Parameters
Rain inlet sizeφ200mm
Sharp edge40~45°
Rain intensity range0.01mm~4mm/min(allowsmaximumrainintensityof8mm/min)
Supplyvoltage5~24VDC, 12~24VDC

Measurement accuracy

Way of sendingDoublecontacton/offsignaloutput

Ambient temperature

Relative humidity95%(40)
Output signal
Signal modeDataconversion
Voltage signal 0~2VDCRainfall=50*V
Voltage signal 0~5VDCRainfall=20*V
Voltage signal 0~10VDCRainfall=10*V
Voltage signal 4~20mARainfall=6.25*A-25
Pulsesignal(pulse)1 pulse represents 0.2mm rainfall

Standard MODBUS-RTU protocol, baudrate 9600;

Check digit:None,data bit:8bits,stop bit:1 (address defaults to 01)